Electrical Specification

The PowerHub busway system housing is manufactured from high quality magnesium aluminium alloy, which complies with the criteria recommended by IEC and IEEE standards for use as the ground for the busbay system. The busway is also equipped with a heat dissipation structure, which makes the ground or earth capacity more than 50% of the phase conductor.

Three Major Technological Innovations

  1. Unique Structure Design
    The unique serrated surface design of the housing greatly improves the heat dissipation for the whole busway system. The design also provides IP66 rating.
  2. Superior & Reliable Insulation
    Both Class B(130 ℃) PET and epoxy insulation Class F ( 150 ℃) are available.
  3. Unique Installation Protection Device
    A unique installation protect device is designed to prevent potential damage to the busbar in the event of incorrect connection. with this unique device, the installer cannot connect.

Additional Features

Honeywell Busbar Unique Feature - Joint Indicator
HONEYWELL Busduct Configuration ( 2 pcs Design)

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